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*Current menu valid till 8th October 2021. New menu will be launched on 9th October 2021. $0.00
Nonya Laksa Set + Water Chestnut Drink (U.P $7.70) $6.90
Nonya Laksa Serve with Condiments (Prawns, Fish cake, Shredded Cucumber, Eggs, Tau Pok, Sambal Chili, Spicy Coconut Gravy) $5.90
Stir-fry Hokkien Prawn Noodle Set + Water Chestnut Drink (U.P. $7.70) $6.90
Stir-fry Hokkien Prawn Noodle Set $5.90
Salmon Set + Water Chestnut Drink (U.P. $11.70) $10.90
Salmon Set - Salmon Fillet with Mango Salsa Serve with Waffles Fries & Buttered Corn $9.90
Local Set + Water Chestnut Drink (U.P $6.70) $5.90
Local Set - Garlic Fried Rice w Oriental Black Pepper Chicken, Vegetable Spring Rolls & Cauliflower with Mushrooms (A2) $4.90
Thai Set + Water Chestnut Drink (U.P. $6.70) $5.90
Thai Set - Thai Pineapple Rice Top with Chicken Floss with Mackerel Fish Fillet Curry & Sunny Egg (C4) $4.90
Fusion Set + Water Chestnut Drink (U.P. $6.70) $5.90
Fusion Set - Seafood Mee Goreng with Shrimp Paste Chicken & Stir-fry Egg With Cabbage (C3) $4.90
Japanese Set + Water Chestnut Drink (U.P. $7.70) $6.90
Japanese Set - Wok Fried Seafood Udon Serve with Fried Chicken Karaage & Tamagoyaki (Japanese Fried Egg) (AS1) $5.90
Malay Set + Water Chestnut Drink (U.P $7.70) $6.90
Malay Set - Fragrant Chicken Rice with Sambal Long Bean Serve with Ayam Penyet & Fried Beancurd (DS1) $5.90
Western Set + Water Chestnut Drink (U.P $8.70) $7.90
Western Set - Baked Whole Leg Garlic Chicken with Brown Sauce Serve with Sauteed Mayo Potato & Buttered Seasonal Veg (ES3) $6.90
Vegetarian Set + Water Chestnut Drink (IU.P. $7.70) $6.90
Vegetarian Set - Vegetarian Fried Rice with Thai Lemon Chicken, Braised Beancurd with Mushroom and Vegetarian Nugget $5.90
Satay Combo Set - X 20 Chicken Satay with Condiments $16.90
Shrimp Paste Chicken Wing Set $2.90
Egg Mayo Croissant Set $2.90
Tuna Mayo Croissant Set $2.90
Banana Nutella Crossiant Set $3.20
Strawberry Croissant Set $2.90
Smoked Salmon Club Sandwich $3.90
Club Sandwich Set ( Turkey ham, Cheese, Lettuce & Egg) $3.90
Chicken Mayo Bun Set $3.90
Focaccia Chicken Burger Set $4.50
Freshly Baked Mango Eclair Set (3 Pcs) $4.20
Chocolate Éclair Set (3 Pcs) $3.90
Dark & White Chocolate Tart Set $2.90
Fresh Fruit Tarts Set $2.90
D24 Durian Tart Set $5.90
Freshly Baked Egg Tart Set $2.00
Assorted Pastry Platter (20 Pcs) $18.90
Bobo Cha Cha (COLD) $2.20
Mango Puree with Sago (Cold) $2.50
Thai Red Ruby Set $2.50
Almond Beancurd with Longan Set $2.50
Thai Milk Tea (with Pearls) $3.90
Thai Milk Tea $2.90
Ice Lychee Drink $2.20
Black Sesame Soybean Milk $2.00
Ice Lemon Tea $1.80
Please note Sunday Deliveries temporarily unavailable! $0.00

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